Understand Your Rights as Roommate of Raleigh Apartments for Rent

Understand Your Rights As Roommate Of Raleigh Apartments For Rent

Being the roommate of your friend in his apartment is not always a piece of cake with a cherry on top. It can turn into a very unexpected and frightening situation if you do not take full knowledge of your rights and prepare for the unexpected events or behavior of the prime tenant. Actually the tenancies have very limited rights and they are the most vulnerable dwellers of apartments to face violation of their rights and suffer from inhumane behavior. So, if you are agreeing to live in raleigh apartments for rent with your friend as his roommate and he is going to be the prime tenant, know some very important facts and keep yourself at the safe side by taking some certain legal steps.

Actually very few roommates are aware of the fact that law has protected their rights to a great extent as tenancies. They just feel great about the fact that they are going to find an opportunity to have one of their friends accompanying them in the living place and they will not suffer from boredom. Thinking that by dividing the responsibilities and paying half of the rent and utility bills they can earn unshakeable trust of their friend who is the prime tenant and do not bother to secure their rights in a proper manner. In case the prime tenant changes his mind or misbehaves with them, they have to face problems. One of the most likely happening events by a prime tenant is that he illegally evicts you from the apartment. You just get to collect your things and evacuate the place as soon as possible thinking that the apartment is in the name of prime tenant – your friend – and you have to do nothing now but to evict yourself out of your shared raleigh apartments.

In order to avoid a situation of this sort make necessary preparations at the time of shifting into the apartment with your friend. Ask him to give you a copy of the lease and write for you the receipt of the half rent that he has received from you. When you have the copy of lease and the receipt you have a strong stance that you were a co-tenant and the prime tenant has no right to evict you by force. Apart from the lease, prepare a roommate agreement that both of you sign and keep a copy safe in your possession. The detail of the laws for the roommates is different in every state but you should keep it in mind that if you want to live as a roommate, your rights are greatly protected by the law.  Know your rights and see what you need to do in regard of collecting the documents or receiving a receipt of the rent that you pay to your friend. With the availability of these documents you do not have to fear of being evicted from apartments Raleigh nc mercilessly by your friend. If he has to take this step he will inform you a month in advance in order to let you make necessary preparations for eviction.