How to Get Your Deposit Back Before Leaving for Raleigh Apartments

How To Get Your Deposit Back Before Leaving For Raleigh Apartments

When you rent one of the raleigh apartments and prepare to leave for your new home look back at your old apartment and find out what you need to do before leaving the place permanently. You lived in the apartment for quite a while and there are things that are dirty while some other things are slightly worn out and you need to fix them and clean the dirt in order to get back your full deposit. You may use a number of strategies for doing the thing fast or in a way that makes your apartment owner feel satisfied and happy from his apartment and he returns you the deposited cash fully.

The first thing you should look at in your apartment is your kitchen. It is important to clean the stove from all the grease and taps from the spots of soap and water residues. Take out all the shelves from the refrigerator and wash them clean while you do not forget to wipe the inside of your fridge with a soapy sponge and wet towel. Clean the kitchen walls and corners also with a long handled brush. All the cleaning and maintaining your old apartment takes a day or, hardly, two before you finally set out for your next raleigh nc apartments.

Cleaning the windows from old settled dust is a great way to create a bright and clean look of your apartment. Take a bucket of water and mix in it some detergent. Now take a towel and dip it in the soapy water and clean all the windows. Taking all the things that you are leaving behind is good for you. No matter how useful you think they are for the new tenant, just do not leave them or your landlord will charge you for cleaning them away.  The only thing that you can leave behind is a roll of toilet paper and some hand wash and that only for the sake of courtesy.

If you have to leave to your new raleigh apartments for rent and there is not much time at your hand to clean and do small repairs at the apartment, call the cleaning company that your landlord hires for cleaning the apartment before he leases it to a new tenant. As far as this is his old choice for cleaning, he won’t find the apartment cleaned by their crew objectionable and will not cut from your deposit anything by the name of cleaning the apartment.

Lastly, take an appointment with the landlord to be there personally while he comes and inspects the apartment before you submit him the keys. Your presence can soften many harsh feelings and he would not take the things as he may take if you are not there.  Do not forget to collect the duplicate keys from your parents and girlfriend if you have given them any as this may cause you problems later. You may return all the keys to the landlord along with the duplicates as a last friendly gesture, or return him the original keys only. It is all your choice!