First comes first! When you rent a new unit in Raleigh NC apartments, start checking all the amenities one by one. Start from the most important things like the energy supply and its bills. Not all the apartments supply all that you need. For example, hot water is your responsibility in winter in some apartments. The bills are sometimes added in the rent and sometimes they are not. You need to clear all the confusion on energy resources and bills from your landlord so that nothing remains unclear which shocks you later. For heating your apartment, you have three different energy resources among which choosing one depends on your choice. There is oil heating, electric heating, and gas heating. For gas heating, making a budget is easy. Have a look at the past year bills of gas for your apartment for estimating the overall gas charges. These energy checks come ahead of all other things in your new apartment.

The second most important thing for you in the new apartment is laundry. Check if you have a washer and dryer in your apartment or not. If it is not there, then the laundry facility must be supplied to you in the Raleigh apartments community laundry. Check for the charges of using the community laundry. Is it included in the rent or there is a separate fee for using community laundry? Make this check as early as possible to see if you have to make any arrangement or you will just fix some amount in your budget for that.

You also need furniture in your new home. You may have to buy some furniture pieces, especially, if you are renting an apartment of your own for the first time. The necessities of furniture include your bed, dining table and chairs, some sofas and couch for the living room, a desk, a few stools, etc. According to the design and floor plan of apartments Raleigh NC you can purchase the furniture. It is often good to buy light steel furniture as it occupies little space and looks classy too.

Have a look at the things you need outside your apartment. If you have a car, you need safe car parking. Check for its charges whether they are included in the rent or you have to pay a small amount separately for it. In winter it snows. There must be snow removal services outside your apartment. Who handles the snow removal? Same is the case with trash disposal. Do you have to take it down at some specific place where the city disposal service picks it, or there is trash picking service that picks the trash bag from your doorstep? Check for the cable television services if you need any. Are you provided with a Wi-Fi in the Raleigh apartments for rent? If not then what are the possible monthly charges you need to pay for having your internet. These are the main amenities you need to find about. The rest depends on your choice as to what to have and what you do not need!

Being the roommate of your friend in his apartment is not always a piece of cake with a cherry on top. It can turn into a very unexpected and frightening situation if you do not take full knowledge of your rights and prepare for the unexpected events or behavior of the prime tenant. The tenancies have very limited rights, and they are the most vulnerable dwellers of apartments to face violation of their rights and suffer from inhumane behavior. So, if you agree to live in raleigh apartments for rent with your friend as his roommate and him are going to be the prime tenant, know some very important facts and keep yourself at the safe side by taking some certain legal steps.

Very few roommates are aware of the fact that law has protected their rights to a great extent as tenancies. They just feel great about the fact that they are going to find an opportunity to have one of their friends accompanying them in the living place, and they will not suffer from boredom. Thinking that by dividing the responsibilities and paying half of the rent and utility bills they can earn unshakeable trust of their friend who is the prime tenant and do not bother to secure their rights in a proper manner. In case the prime tenant changes his mind or misbehaves with them, they have to face problems. One of the most likely happening events by a prime tenant is that he illegally evicts you from the apartment. You just get to collect your things and evacuate the place as soon as possible thinking that the apartment is in the name of prime tenant – your friend – and you have to do nothing now but to evict yourself out of your shared Raleigh apartments.

To avoid a situation of this sort make necessary preparations at the time of shifting into the apartment with your friend. Ask him to give you a copy of the lease and write for you the receipt of the half rent that he has received from you. When you have the copy of the lease and the receipt you have a strong stance that you were a co-tenant and the prime tenant has no right to evict you by force. Apart from the lease, prepare a roommate agreement that both of you sign and keep a copy safe in your possession. The detail of the laws for the roommates is different in every state, but you should keep it in mind that if you want to live like a roommate, your rights are greatly protected by the law. Know your rights and see what you need to do in regard of collecting the documents or receiving a receipt of the rent that you pay to your friend. With the availability of these documents, you do not have to fear of being evicted from apartments Raleigh NC mercilessly by your friend. If he has to take this step, he will inform you a month in advance to let you make necessary preparations for eviction.

Living in your first apartment as a roommate is a pleasant experience if there are good understanding and strong friendship between you and your friend – the prime tenant. You can live by sharing the responsibilities of taking care of the apartment besides sharing the rent and half of the utility bills. Setting the details of what you need to do and what you need to avoid is your first responsibility so as to maintain trust and full knowledge of your obligations and rights in the apartment. But this is not enough to live as a happy roommate in Raleigh NC apartments. There are certain matters that are serious and linked to the law like your rights as a co-tenant in an apartment. These laws are set by the state in which you live to save you from any event that is devastating for you. Have you ever thought what if the landlord evicts the prime tenant any time and gets an order from the court to have the apartment emptied from all the occupants? What if your friend fails to meet the requirements of the landlord he agreed upon in the lease and the landlord decides to evict him? What if your friend did not tell you anything and managed to escape leaving you behind facing the unexpected?

The first thing you need to do to avoid this situation is to know what legal rights your state laws have provided you as a co-tenant in an apartment. This knowledge has to be sought before finalizing the agreement between you and your friend about living like roommates in Raleigh apartments for rent. Knowing your rights helps you to act right and think right. You have to be aware of the main details about the apartment. When the rent is due and what are the terms and conditions of the lease so that you can keep an eye on the regular rent payments and check if both of you are not violating any term or clause of the lease. If everything is going smoothly between the prime tenant and the landlord, there arises no need that the landlord evicts all the occupants of the apartment. With your observation of the events and knowledge of the rent details, you can keep yourself aware of everything that is likely going to happen.

In the worst circumstances when a forceful eviction takes place in apartments Raleigh NC, do not panic but contact the organizations that care for the rights of tenants and provide free legal advice to the affected individuals. You have the right of asking for a temporary delay in the eviction through a court so that you can collect all of your belongings peacefully and manage to find a suitable place to shift to. In case you are not granted a delay in eviction, the judge sends orders for the landlord to let you pick all of your belongings. As mentioned before, every state’s laws differ. So, know your legal rights before you start your life as a roommate.

When you rent one of the Raleigh apartments and prepare to leave for your new home look back at your old apartment and find out what you need to do before leaving the place permanently. You lived in the apartment for quite a while and there are things that are dirty while some other things are slightly worn out, and you need to fix them and clean the dirt in order to get back your full deposit. You may use some strategies for doing the thing fast or in a way that makes your apartment owner feel satisfied and happy from his apartment, and he returns you the deposited cash fully.

The first thing you should look at in your apartment is your kitchen. It is important to clean the stove from all the grease and taps from the spots of soap and water residues. Take out all the shelves from the refrigerator and wash them clean while you do not forget to wipe the inside of your fridge with a soapy sponge and wet towel. Clean the kitchen walls and corners also with a long handled brush. All the cleaning and maintaining your old apartment takes a day or, hardly, two before you finally set out for your next Raleigh NC apartments.

Cleaning the windows from old settled dust is a great way to create a bright and clean look of your apartment. Take a bucket of water and mix in it some detergent. Now take a towel and dip it in the soapy water and clean all the windows. Taking all the things that you are leaving behind is good for you. No matter how useful you think they are for the new tenant, just do not leave them or your landlord will charge you for cleaning them away. The only thing that you can leave behind is a roll of toilet paper and some hand wash and that only for the sake of courtesy.

If you have to leave to your new Raleigh apartments for rent, and there is not much time at your hand to clean and do small repairs at the apartment, call the cleaning company that your landlord hires for cleaning the apartment before he leases it to a new tenant. As far as this is his old choice for cleaning, he won’t find the apartment cleaned by their crew objectionable and will not cut from your deposit anything by the name of cleaning the apartment.

Lastly, take an appointment with the landlord to be there personally while he comes and inspects the apartment before you submit him the keys. Your presence can soften many harsh feelings, and he would not take the things as he may take if you are not there. Do not forget to collect the duplicate keys from your parents and girlfriend if you have given them any as this may cause you problems later. You may return all the keys to the landlord along with the duplicates as a last friendly gesture, or return him the original keys only. It is all your choice!